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"Oh, The Places You'll Go" - Dr. Seuss


I once received this Dr. Seuss children's book with a letter written on the inside cover from clients  

with whom I had just completed a big renovation.


For this family, they explained, this book  describes the magical, exciting and unknown  

challenging journey - in this case - into home renovation!  


My work with each new client is truly a journey.

One of relationship building, new experiences, a lot of creativity and problem solving and

self discovery along the way.  It is vital to each project that there be really good communication

and collaboration. 


My interest in design is a natural extension of different aspects of my life:  
my upbringing in Chicago, in a home filled with my own mother's passion and work in the antique field,  

my travels and studies in Copenhagen where I fell in love with Scandinavian design,and then
continuing on to Israel , with a mother-in-law whose work in interior design exposed me

to the  overall profession. 


My background both as an American and having worked previously in a corporate,

service oriented field,  serves me well in my work in Israel. 

I come with both a cross cultural added dimension in my approach, and an understanding

for the needs of both local and foreign clients.  There has to be a high level of service,

which involves really listening to  the client, understanding the larger picture of their

lives and the complexity of intertwining the psychological and functional issues they have.   



The magic of seeing an abstract idea in the beginning of a project evolve into a real, stunning and functional space, be it one's home, or any other space is  such a fulfilling experience.



The greatest satisfaction in my work comes from the creative process and development of relationships with each new client, and  hearing from them that their new environment has effected their sense of overall well being, and that the changes have infused such a feeling of better quality of life.  I love to see how the work together empowers them to feel secure in moving forward with change and loving the process they felt so overwhelmed by initially.


Above all, I absolutely love what I do! 

I feel lucky to have found such a passion for my work in interior design and love the people I work with and have developed professional relationships with throughout the years.

You're welcome to contact me:

Tel: 052-843-9851

Cathy Stein-Nathan

Cathy Stein-Nathan
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