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My wife and I hired Cathy's services as an interior designer and honestly, it was the best decision we have made since we decided to get married.

We decided  after meeting Cathy to change the project to a Turn Key project as we knew that Cathy would be able to handle  better than us or anyone else. She managed the whole project from top to bottom and saved us oceans of time while all was coordinated and agreed upon by us.

Cathy gave us the green light to buy the apartment we looked for, so bear in mind,  she was part of the project even in the pre-sale stage. After we closed the deal, we asked Cathy to gut the interior and build it from scratch with a few guidelines:

  1. We wanted the house to be a welcoming one.

  2. We wanted a house that we will not want to leave. 

  3. We wanted everyone to have their own personal space and at the same time have shared common family place and time together.

Cathy is an amazing woman: She can teach companies, the meaning of customer service, she is open- minded and always available. She will tell you what she thinks, even if this is not what you want to necessarily hear, with integrity in her conviction for the final result ., She maintained a happy and positive outlook throughout, and  got us through any rough patches, as naturally doing a renovation is not easy, so at least it should be done in a positive and highly professional atmosphere. 

Cathy used every single space so it would be functional and efficient, all the subcontractors were very professional and while our friends had white hair with every renovation they did, they were amazed that we were smiling and found it so enjoyable. 

As I wrote, it was the best decision in addition because it was done on time and even earlier than it was planned. Can you imagine it????  The house was ready before the time we agreed ☺.

We must admit that every person who enters the house is in a shock by the transformation as it is a great place to live, and therefore many of our best friends hired her services for their renovation.

Bottom line  - she  is worth every penny. 


Hod Hasharon

After 15 years of living in our home, we decided to go forward with an extensive renovation of our home.  The renovation included the entire 3 floors of our house, in addition to creating a family room on the 2nd floor and a bedroom suite for our teenage son in the basement.


Cathy was with us from the beginning of the process, including beginning concept, and consultations, and much after the actual completion months later.


Cathy managed the entire process and related to it as if it was her own home.  With a lot of patience and understanding for our busy schedules, she arranged meetings both at our home and on outings, according to our needs.


Cathy quickly internalized our taste and preferences and therefore took us from the onset to the correct stores, and studios for our taste and budget.


On the management level, Cathy was on site to supervise the work on a daily basis, managed all the work people including those we brought in, in a very professional, assertive, yet polite and pleasant manner.


Much after the renovation,  Cathy met with us in order to continue specific purchases and always came to see the results.


We feel that with the very intensive time together, and complexity of the project -  our renovation was a great success and attribute the success to our work with Cathy!  


Hod Hasharon

We did major renovations with Cathy and our main memory is that we had fun!
Cathy is a high level professional with fabulous taste and unbelievable creativity as she often thinks out of the box and comes up with brilliant solutions to difficult problems. She has the ability to really hear what the client wants and to make it happen. I have referred many friends to Cathy and they, till today, still thank me.

Eli and Ellen


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