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Interior Design and Project Supervision Services for both new home building and renovation projects.


Service to clients is of the utmost importance, equal to the design process itself.  


Services include work on both turn key projects as well as smaller more specified projects which only require a part of an overall project, such as drawings, shopping for materials, styling and decorative, etc.




  • Initial concept development with client meetings and sketches.

  • Project planning; including budget outline, time schedules, definition of project.

  • Final space planning drawings, as well as kitchen and bathroom, furniture placement, electric and installation, and carpentry.

  • Bid specification with the contractors and suppliers.

  • Procurement of all materials.  Outings for purchases be it flooring, kitchen cabinetry, furniture, bathroom tiling and fixtures, textiles, etc.

  • Project supervision.  Present at all stages of construction, installation and final styling of the space in coordination with all of the contractors and suppliers.

Interior Design and Project Supervision Services

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